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Parents and Citizens

The Aldavilla Public School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) plays a valuable role in enabling the parents and the community  to work together in support of the school and young people.  The P&C runs the school uniform shop with all profits returned to benefit the students.  The P&C also helps manage a program of fundraising events and parent voluntary contributions annually.

The current P&C executive

Jessica Wicks  - President

Stacey Potter  - Secretary

Chris Read - Vice President

Kristy Wills - Treasurer

There are many facilities around the school including over 20 new laptops for Homebases 1-6 that have been built or purchased through parent contributions.  The school's extensive kitchen, gardens and outdoor amenities have been partly developed and maintained by parent volunteers.

All Stars and the APS Fete are major fundraisers for the school. These are held on a 2 year cycle - All Stars odd years and the fete in even years.

A very high level of sustained parent support is a key factor underpinning  Aldavilla Public School's success.  The P&C and the school greatly appreciate the funds and time volunteered by parents.  Many school activities and operations, including the canteen and uniform shop depend upon the support of parent volunteers. We urge as many parents as possible to give up a little time over the course of a year to assist in the canteen and uniform shop, or assist with a working bee or any other activities around the school.

P&C Executive meetings are held throughout the term.