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About our school

Aldavilla Primary School is modern with well-resourced, air-conditioned classrooms and excellent facilities, in an attractive rural setting. Innovative literacy and numeracy programs are a feature, with a strong focus on technology including a modern, well-resourced computer lab. All of our classrooms have interactive whiteboards and have access to iPads. 

Our school operates an extensive kitchen and garden program, promoting healthy lifestyle choices with specific links to the curriculum. Students are engaged in cooking and gardening lessons weekly. 

Opportunities exist for all students to participate and excel in the academic, cultural, performing arts and sporting arenas. The school boasts strong representation and success in sport at district, regional and state levels. 
Our school is a proud member of the Macleay Educational Community of Schools, known locally as MECS. 

There is an active student parliament, which promotes leadership and fosters responsible citizenship through cooperative decision-making. Recently the parliament has been extensively involved in environmental and sustainability education. Our strong uniform policy is supported by students and parents and engenders a sense of pride in our school. 

An open, inclusive relationship with the community has translated into a happy school, with all stakeholders acknowledging the staff relationship with the community. 

Aldavilla Primary School song

We'll do our best, we're working for tomorrow,

Day by day, we'll always see it through.

We'll never rest, just let the others follow,

At Aldavilla, Aldavilla School.


In work and at play, we can see a better day,

And with hope in our hearts, we can find a better way.


We'll do our best, we'll work it out together,

The future's ours, we'll learn what we must do.

The friends we make, will be with us forever,

At Aldavilla, Aldavilla School.


We'll care for our land,

And we'll learn to understand,

That we all can be proud,

When we lend a helping hand.


We'll do our best, our dreams are for the taking.

Side by side, there's nothing we can't do.

We'll do our best, tomorrow's in the making

At Aldavilla, Aldavilla School.


The school song was written in 1992 by Jim Pike, a parent.

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